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Stepping Away From the Monitor And Onto the Slopes

The last several weeks have been incredibly busy. This isn’t a complaint – I love the projects I’m working on.

Yesterday, I reminded myself how good it feels to step away from it all for a day.  There was nothing super urgent on my to-do list, the weather was decent (or at least not as bitter cold as most of this winter has been), and we’d just had a nice snowfall the day before.  So I decided to throw my gear is the car and head up to Mont Ste. Marie for a day on the slopes.

If you spend long days sitting in front of a computer screen, you should know by now that it’s important to get up, stretch, and give your eyes a break.  I find that only goes so far though.  Getting outside and doing some real physical activity isn’t only healthy for your body, but great for your brain as well.  It gives you a chance to spend an extended period of time doing something different.

I also find that while doing this, my brain is still brain is still working away on that solution to that annoying bug I’ve been chasing. Skiing also has a unique attribute for “getting away”.  If it’s cold enough, you don’t have any desire to pull your phone out of your pocket to check your messages!  I came home last night to 150+ new messages in my inbox, none of them urgent.

So today, I get to settle back into work.  Physically a little tired, but with my brain refreshed.

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