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Manage WordPress from the Command Line (WP-CLI) from WordCamp NYC 2015

Thank you to everyone who came out to my talk at WordCamp NYC today. Looking for the slides? This slideshow contains not only the slides I used during the talk, but also includes most of the commands that I showed during the live demo. I hope they’ll help you as you start trying this out on your own sites.

Also, here are another few useful links from things I mention during this presentation:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.




  1. Any idea when DesktopServer’s WP-CLI will be available to the public?

    • Hi Daniel,

      I haven’t heard an update in a bit…. let me reach out to them and I’ll see if I can get an update.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for asking. DS-CLI is still technically in beta. The main reason for this is that we’re not really geared up to handle it from a support standpoint, plus we’re working on some really cool bells and whistles with it. While DS-CLI is designed and will function with our current version of DesktopServer (3.8.1), it’s really been developed with our major revision of DS v4.0 in mind as it is the engine that will be driving everything that will make 4.0 hum. The huge hump we’ve had to overcome has been making a version that works with Windows as Windows does not have a native terminal like Mac and Linux. The good news is that we’ve overcome that hurdle.

    Now, having said that, you can be looking for an announcement right around WordCamp San Diego with regard to the official release of DS-CLI, but if you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy now to play with, you can shoot me an email at [email protected]. Just keep in mind that we are not officially offering support on it, so, as with all beta anything, you’d be using it at your own risk.

    Hope that answers your questions! If not, please feel free to let me know. I’ll subscribe to this thread for updates.



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