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My Commitment to WP-CLI

If you’ve followed my involvement in the WordPress community, you likely know that I’m a big fan of the WP-CLI project. It’s a tool that lets you manage your WordPress site(s) from the command line. It is a huge time saver for many tasks both locally and on remote servers. My WordCamp talk WP-CLI: Save Time by Managing WordPress from the Command Line has been my most well received by far, delivered at several camps.

WP-CLI Hack Day

When I found out that there would be a WP-CLI Hack Day (their 2nd one) on November 10th, I thought it sounded like fun! After many years of praising the utility of this tool, writing custom commands for it, blogging about, and using it on just about every project I work on, I had yet to contribute any code to it.

It was a great day. In total, 21 pull requests were merged into the project by 13 different contributors.

Personally, I enjoyed spending time learning how the project works under the hood, learning to write functional tests in Behat (which I swear is like magic), and collaborating in real time with other contributors. It was also nice not having to touch a line of JavaScript all day!

That was fun! What’s next?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’d stepped back from WordPress contributions. WordPress Core’s focus on the Block Editor also wasn’t something that has excited me, nor were virtual camps.

Following the Hack Day, though, I found myself going back into the repositories and looking through open issues, seeing what tasks I thought I could contribute to. I’ve since submitted a few pull requests and have really enjoyed the process.

I’ve decided working on the project a good fit for me. So I’m committing to keep contributing to WP-CLI. There are lots of great ideas submitted that I’m looking forward to helping advance.

What would you like to see added or improved. in WP-CLI?

If you care to sponsor this work, my GitHub Sponsors profile was approved last week.

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